Crazy_Cavemen final low res


A new series in development and currently looking for finance.


65 x 75 minute episodes of  dialogue free slapstick humour inspired by the  cartoon classics such as Road Runner and Tom and Jerry.

Once upon a time, a million years ago, a small tribe of cavemen lived on a volcanic island. They were crude, impetuous, and rowdy, like a bunch of naughty school kids but also like innocent children seeing the world for the first time. Inventing fire, the wheel,  and sushi. They were not alone on this island. In the steamy hot rainforest, lived the dinosaurs.

One was a Velociraptor named Roger who was interested in only one thing. Cavemen for lunch.

Problem was that Roger was the most incompetent hunter that had ever existed in the short history of the world of dinosaurs.





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